History has a purpose, and history is going somewhere. We are tricked into thinking that this life is all about us which leads us to view and interpret the world through the lens of our story. The reality, however, is we live in God’s story. His story has a beginning, middle and end. The Scriptures tell us that His story is all about His Son, and the sacrificial love of Jesus on the cross for men and women who rebel against their Maker is the climatic event in history.

Since life is ultimately not about our little stories but God’s story, we desire to live our lives out of His story, being defined by it. We want to recognize that we are not playing the leading role, but we are players who were created by God to play a supporting role. The universe does not revolve around us; it revolves around Jesus. When we embrace this, we will come to know the joy of living life the way God intended.

Journey with us to discover the depths of this life-giving truth.