God gave the most precious gift to ever be given – His Son. Jesus Christ was given by God to make us right with God, and the gift of Jesus was costly. God did not give Jesus for us when we were lovely or friends, but when we were unlovable and enemies. God, the Father, gave His Son so that we, law breakers, might be freed from the penalty of our crimes and enter into a life of blessing with God as our Father.

God gave. So, we give. We do not give because God needs us or because He can’t accomplish His mission without us, but the church gives because we are those people that God saved at a great price. The sacrifice of Jesus on the cross has come to define who we are. So, now we give sacrificially. Giving freely to build God’s Kingdom is a joy because in doing so we have the opportunity to be like our Father who gave freely for us. We, who have received much, are called to give much. Therefore, the amount and the heart behind our giving says a lot about how much we truly believe the gospel.